Fairland Foundation is registered with Mukono District and the NGO Board under MD/1057/3/3/97 and S-5914/3638 respectively. It is also incorporated under ref.No. 50841.Any support given to us for the projects below is warmly welcomed.

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Establishment of Behemoth International University


This project will undertake construction of a new administration block for the university, class/lecture rooms, hostels for both  2000 students. its estimated annual budget is in the confines of US$ 7,500,000.

Expansion and Transition of Bethemoth School of Nursing and Midwifery


This training School for Nurses and Midwives will be transferred from Busaana Town in Kayunga District to spacious and ideal grounds in Kayunga Municipality, to enable it sustain the provision of affordable Nursing and Midwifery training to the less advantaged youth in this rural area and its vicinity.The estimated annual budget is US$ 1,000,000.

Renovation,Expansion and Refurbishment of Fairland High School


This project targets the remodeling of Fairland High School at Nakabago Village of Mukono Municipality in Mukono District, in line with the advancing Metropolitan city status.The estimated annual budget is US$600,000

Fairland Dispensary and Maternity Unit


This project targets the construction and refurbishment of a full-fledged Dispensary and Maternity at Nakabago Village of Mukono Municipality in Mukono District, to contribute towards the improvement of community-health in the area. The estimated annual budget is US$ 160,000.

Implementation of the Uganda Girls Educational Support Project


This project will trigger improved livelihoods among the rural girls through enhanced access to formal and informal education programs. The estimated annual budget is US$ 200,000.

Construction of Fairland Foundation Offices


This project aims at putting in place complete Fairland Foundation headquarters at Nakabago Village in Mukono Municipality of Mukono District. The estimated annual budget is US$ 50,000.

Support to HIV/AIDS Prevention


This project focuses on consolidating Fairland Foundation’s contribution towards the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.The estimate annual budget is US$ 40,000.

Support to Water and Sanitation Initiatives


This project revolves around advocacy and support to the water and sanitation initiatives. The estimated annual budget is US$ 40,000.

Shipment and Delivery of Donated Books and Computers


The project aims at supporting the shipment and delivery of a 40ft container of donated books from USA, and another 40ft container of donated computers from USA; to facilitate research and computer literacy for children in selected secondary schools.The estimated budget is US$50,000.

Support to Fairland Foundation Savings and Credit Cooperative Society


This project undertakes provision of a revolving fund for micro-lending to the members. It aims at boosting savings and credit among the members and the rural poor for improved wealth creation. The estimated annual budget is US$ 50,000.