Fairland foundation depends entirely on the generosity of individuals and organizations. We work closely with our supporters to explain our organizational needs and to understand their individual needs as a donor. The desires of our donors vary, with some happy to contribute to running costs, whilst others wish to fund a capital expenditure. The way in which they become involved is entirely up to them also, with some building a personal relationship with us via a project visits and others happy with acknowledgement for their generous support.

Fairland foundation looks to create lasting, successful and mutually beneficial relationships with partners from the corporate sector. Their support is invaluable to us for both operational and capital costs.

We  operate a highly professional quality services, both medical and social, to people in need affected in uganda either directly or through NGOs, Civil Society organizations or Government. We cannot do this vital work without support from donors and partners.

Write to us @ about your volunteering interest with Fairland foundation. We will get back to you!